Welcome To Maa Gayatri Boys Hostel

Maa Gayatri Boys Hostel is a best boy’s hostel in patna located centrally among the major coaching institutes & CBSE affiliated schools. We provides accommodation in single & double occupancy.

Maa Gayatri Boys Hostel provides you best exprience of living in a Hostel. We have defined a new meaning of hostel where everyone contributes in making Food Menu and making a good environment to Study.
Maa Gayatri Boys hostels are most luxurious, comfortable and cheapest hostels, situated in Patna.We are very close to all the coaching institutes and Industrial Areas. We achieved global standards of product quality and service excellence over 8 years of industry experience. Maa Gayatri Boys Hostels are Very Friendly Hostels with Suitable of all kind of resident friendly staff and personal care .We are very strong emphasis on contemporary design in its private and public spaces, Style and luxury enhances. We are providing a safe, clean fine accommodation. It is a great hostel for making friends, doing studies. Our hostels are the best place for relaxing and escaping from the rush city life. Chill out in the lounge area and meet other residents! It is a hub of professionals and students for old and young. Maa Gayatri Boys Hostels is located in the heart of the town, which is offering a wide variety of entertainment options like markets, parks, playground, cinema and food corners.

We also have started Girls Hostel from this year. You can visit Our Girls Hostel Website for More details. Our Girls Hostel Is Named after holiest river of India 'Ganga'. Maa Ganga Girls Hostel is going to be one of the best girls hostel in Patna near Boring road for students and working women hostel in Patna. Visit Our Girl's Hostel website by clicking here.



best boys hostel in patna
Maa gayatri Boys Hostel


Environment perfect for Study

We have maintained an environment which increase your Productivity. Silent environment helps you in focusing better on your work.


Best hostel food

Healthy Food

"A healthy mind lives in a Healthy Body"

We believe in above line. So we give food a high priority. We keep our Kitchen Hygenic and  cook Veg and Non-veg seperately. Green vegetables and nuturious food are in our top menu list.

facilities in best hostel

Unique Facilities

We are unique because we think different

We have changed Experience of living in hostel. We constantly take feedback and have improved ourself from last 8 year. We are giving many unique facilities which you can experience only with us.

boys hostel near patna goal

Limited Seats

Limited Seats, So Best Quality

We focus on giving better quality than earning high. We think different So We Are. We have limited our Seats so we can give you whatever is best for you. Grab Your seat before it is Full.

Listen from those who live with us

Experience Speak better

“I came to Patna for preparation of IIT-JEE. My seniors had told me about miserable condition of mess food in Patna. Thanks to Maa Gayatri Boys for changing image of Hostels. Foods are tasty and rooms are hygenic.”

“Hi ! I'm preparing for NEET. Maa Gayatri Boys Hostel help me by maintaining Good and silent Environment for Study. I have a single sharing room at affordable cost. ”

“The best part of hostel is that we can decide what we want to eat. Warden acts as our Guardian and help everytime. Free Wi-fi and peaceful environment we can get only here”

“I love this hostel. I have lived in 2 hostel before but none was better than this. Playground is nearby and being in Heart of city gives me access to everything.”

“Tasty Food, Peaceful environment, Helpful seniors and parents like warden.....Maa Gayatri Boys Hostel is blessed with all these. This is second home for me ”

“Special attention to school going kids. Playground and Children park nearby. It's awesome place to live in”